February 18, 2018

What We Do

In a world of massive competition and minimal advertising space whether online or offline, it is important that you make sure that every campaign you invest in counts. Grassroots can help you design an out of the box campaign that raises your platform to make direct communication with your target customers, thus enhancing your returns.

The following are the services that we can tailor to your marketing campaigns’ needs.

  Logo design

  Business cards and letter heads design

  Professional documentation design

  Package design

  Website design

  Social media campaigns

  Digital production

  Graphic design

  Social media creative content creation

  Google adwords

  Search engine optimization


  Social media management

  Influencers endorsement (check our affiliated influencers)

  TV and radio advertisements

  Campaign planning

  Creative ideas


  Billboard ads

  Media buying

  Celebrities endorsement

SMS marketing

Event Management

Public releases

Newspaper and Magazine ads

Loyalty programs

CSR campaigns

Radio Marketing

Direct Mail

Market studies on products and services

Competitive analysis study

Feasibility study

Mystery shoppers programs

Providing Customer Service Improvement strategies

Training courses of staff and employees to improve client service

It is the activity of promoting the sales of products especially by their presentation in retail outlets which includes :

Interior and exterior design

Outdoor and indoor signage

Product placement

Staff outfit

It all boils down to how creative your creativity is! Grassroots has ripped the box wide open to put you ahead of the game with our one-of- a-kind productions. Whether you want to re-invent your brand, re-position your brand, or just create a more massive appeal to your brand, Grassroots will give you the creative edge you never thought existed.